Thursday, February 15

The Pig

The Pig!
Sus Scrofa Domesitica. Reported to be domesticated around 5000 BC. Reported to be among the earliest kind of animal made as live stock.
Available around most part of world!

The Man!
Homo Sapien Moderna. Reported by some to be known as Pig or Son of Pig. But Jewish kid Darwin reported that Man was Son of Ape or Son of Monkey!
Available around the world!

The WoMan
Homo Sapien X only factor! Reported in bible as the one who trick Man to eat the forbidden fruit(or sex?). From Mathematic calculation of the assumption of
if Man = Pig, therefore WoMan = Daughter of Pig!
Available around the world only where Man exist!

The Myth
Man are from Mar, WoMan are from Venus, Reports that human race are from two different species seeded by alien race! Proven to be false and were created by 'gay' writers who believe/fantasize that man or woman can exist among themselves in gay orgie utopia society!
Available around the world, usually where there are English language media...

The Facts
Man Love Woman, WoMan love Man...
Boy Loves Girl. Girl Loves Boy!
and they live happily. The rest are just 'gay'!
Warning : Don't ever shag a Pig!
Available when WoMan don't becomes bitches and Man becomes Dog.

The Favourite
Report from the author,
Favourite Movies = Babe
Favourite Tales = 3 little piggie..
Favourite Technic = Doggie stlye?
Favourite Quote = "U R a PIG!"
Favourite Food = Roasted 1/2 hour old piglet! ...yum...yum..yum
Available only on Chinese New Year, the food that is.. :)

not kuku mon :
^. ~ .^ —– Hi, ain't I cute?
{ (00) } — heheheh.......^_^
` _–_ ~~ - I m smart too!!

Kuku Mon :
(\_/)---- Hey silly,
(O.o)---- You won't be cute anymore,
(> <)---- when we eat you dis new year!


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