Friday, July 14

Tetek sebelah dan......

Tetek sebelah

(.) (.) <---- tetek normal.
__(.) <---- tetek sebelah!
(*)(*)<---- tetek janet jacksonlaa.....
(.) ( ) <---- tetek ada kanser kot?
.. <---- alamak... nasi lemak sejemput je!


doink... doink... doink... doink..
bunyi apa tuh?
doink... doink... doink... tekkk..
apa yag berlaga hek?
doink... doink... doink... KRAH!!
Alamak! telurku sudah PECAH!!


Not Kuku Mon :
^. ~ .^ ----- Hi Everybody, Muslim men don't cheat!
{ (00) } --- I never cheated on my wife!!
` _--_ ~~ -- Don't believe everything you read!
------------- That is big fat LIE!

Kuku Mon :
(\_/)---- Hey silly,
(O.o)---- You can only cheat on wife,
(> <)---- if you are married in the first place!
--------- n yes,I know u like to 'cheat' on yourself..

when reality is not so nice!

It is not me! (with picture!)

Not Kuku Mon :
^. ~ .^ ----- Hi Gals, I am very good n experience!
{ (00) } --- I love to shag, hump and bonk!
` _--_ ~~ -- and I can do it very often n long!

Kuku Man : Heyyy dumb-dumb!
You are not suppose to do it all alone, not by yourself!
Sheesh, You need a PARTNER laa!

bukan salah ibu mengandung!

World Cup final

author kuku man

Goodbye to Zin Addin(Zinedine) Yazid Zidane, We love U!
Ain't it nice to be a bit racist huh?
Whatever that is suppose to mean?
Got most of my prediction(hope) wrong this time.
Usually if ur stupid, by just guessing and being all blur n so, it should be at around 50% right!

Damn those boring Italian, Admittly they play well at the first half though, then boring centacio.
Hope Juventus goes down to Serie C.
Always thought that by the year 2003 AC Milan were the better team by a mile.
No wonder Juventus looks so weak in the Champ League!
Who knows, maybe Ronaldo's Inter should have won it before? Now he is just fat though.
Yes, No more boring Italian for champ League!

But better those Boring Italian,
than those even more Boring England!!
Stupid 'English Speaking Media' with their dumbing people down propaganda machine,
This is no lame American Idol contest,
This is no Hiphop NBA so call 'world' championship.
(try winning gold in Basketball at the Olympic?)
or even EPL stlye Football!
(to u flag waving American don ever mention 'soccer'.)

World Class player? Squarefooted-fusballer is more like it!
Stupid Rooney, Gay Beckham, Weak Owen..... :P
and there is no deflection for you, Mr. Lampard.
Cant forget those slutty cheerleaders WAGs!
Must wonder how many time did Mr. Erickson manage to scores in this World cup!?
*notice, It is always forbidden to attack liverpool.
By the way their most entertaining player was Mr.Croach!
The freak with his dance, Robo Dance.

hmm... wonder if Zidane fancy playing in Mesia?
He won't last that long though in here,
One year is the max n then our culture will poison him!
Maybe we should just give him a datukship?
Datuk Syed Zinedine Yazid Zidane!
Wonder where is his 'bin'(ibnu/ben) is?
If not, there will be more headbutt and stamping!
Wonder why he did that?
Some same it was an attack on his Arabic heritage.
Some say his nipple were fondled!
Gals, Wonder how that would feels?
I feel that....

Kuku Mon : HEY, KUKU MAN STOP IT NOW! Don't do a novel!
Kuku Man : Damn, Just when I was getting a bit excited! :/

And who said that scoring goals is better than sex??
Last nite, Never saw that comming(cumming) though!

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topic :10 things that irritate me today
on July 10, 2006 8:37 PM

490 Million question

If you were the Prime Minister and you were allowed to spend RM490m on anything - projects, awards, purchases, whatever - for the betterment of your country and ultimately, its people, what would you spend it on?

see :

hmmm… being PM… I know!
I’ll just print another 490 million ringgit!
Don’t you get it?
It just some piece of paper!!
sike… just kidding!

okay, okay, okay let see….

Give it to poor!! I’ll create a welfare state! with even more useless eaters!

Give it in form of subsidy!! I’ll be against free n fair trade! i’ll create black market and artificial prices.

Give it to NGO like HIV n so. The pharma are dependent on ppl being sick, Dont ppl relize that Aids virus is created in lab?

Give it to perserve the enviroment! I’ll be tree hugging hippies, and people need to eat you know!

Give it to the corportation to created growth! You’ll created more corruption with a even bigger bueracracy.

Give it to make National project/building. didn’t we had one megamanic PM and beside we don need more worthlss(expensive) records.

Give it into investment. Only the rich and elite benefits, We create more useless crony.

bah…I give up! I don wanna be the PM!

*I want the 490 million ringgit though*

Tuesday, July 11

My Observation?

Kuku Mon :
Looks like we are influencing everbody.
Yup, More ppl are talking like us.
First it was lily with here 'konon-konon' rock group.
Now Id with her 'method to her madness'
and even after all that dins n her 'kid' entry!
Even that canadian chap is now sounding more canadian!

Kuku Man :
I was the one who contributed the most at lily's search Post!
And 'Method to this Madness' is a quotation for Wchamp Kasparov!
Don start a fight with dins. Anykid I mean anybody can use the word kid.
Canadian...American whats the difference?
As long as your not a stinking nigger!
I mean .....

^. ~ .^ ------ HEY GUYS! STOP IT!
{ (00) } ----- You're being narcisstic.
` _--_ ~~ --- Don't be a PIG!
Not Kuku Mon

Thursday, July 6

My stupid icon

My cute kuku icon!! The Kuku Mon.

(> <)

My also cute kuku icon!! The not Kuku Mon.

^. ~ .^
{ (00) }
` _--_ ~~

The boring old kuku man. (he is a Man not a Mon)


And the things they say!

---- Testing!!!
---- This format
---- of column

/ %$#$$% %#$$*&1% < $#%%# %$%$ %$%@!^ |
\ %$#@$% %%$3!@## /