Friday, July 14

490 Million question

If you were the Prime Minister and you were allowed to spend RM490m on anything - projects, awards, purchases, whatever - for the betterment of your country and ultimately, its people, what would you spend it on?

see :

hmmm… being PM… I know!
I’ll just print another 490 million ringgit!
Don’t you get it?
It just some piece of paper!!
sike… just kidding!

okay, okay, okay let see….

Give it to poor!! I’ll create a welfare state! with even more useless eaters!

Give it in form of subsidy!! I’ll be against free n fair trade! i’ll create black market and artificial prices.

Give it to NGO like HIV n so. The pharma are dependent on ppl being sick, Dont ppl relize that Aids virus is created in lab?

Give it to perserve the enviroment! I’ll be tree hugging hippies, and people need to eat you know!

Give it to the corportation to created growth! You’ll created more corruption with a even bigger bueracracy.

Give it to make National project/building. didn’t we had one megamanic PM and beside we don need more worthlss(expensive) records.

Give it into investment. Only the rich and elite benefits, We create more useless crony.

bah…I give up! I don wanna be the PM!

*I want the 490 million ringgit though*

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