Tuesday, July 11

My Observation?

Kuku Mon :
Looks like we are influencing everbody.
Yup, More ppl are talking like us.
First it was lily with here 'konon-konon' rock group.
Now Id with her 'method to her madness'
and even after all that dins n her 'kid' entry!
Even that canadian chap is now sounding more canadian!

Kuku Man :
I was the one who contributed the most at lily's search Post!
And 'Method to this Madness' is a quotation for Wchamp Kasparov!
Don start a fight with dins. Anykid I mean anybody can use the word kid.
Canadian...American whats the difference?
As long as your not a stinking nigger!
I mean .....

^. ~ .^ ------ HEY GUYS! STOP IT!
{ (00) } ----- You're being narcisstic.
` _--_ ~~ --- Don't be a PIG!
Not Kuku Mon

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