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Friday, April 20

A Spectrum of truth: A Critical Review

Hi, this is me, Mohd Elfie …. or just popularly known as simply as MENJ. I have many blogs, forums, directory and websites BUT this is my most important and beloved it of them all is this:

If you are open-minded person and have a heart for seeking the truth in life please come and visit this site or any of our affiliate or partner. But I warn you! My blogsite is titled “Critical Review Brutally Honest”. I will tell you this if you have a faint heart and not up to it, please be warn!

Well everything in here, we try to be brutally honest and we held nothing back. We don’t spare any feeling for the sake of truth. Worst of all I am a dictator in my blogosphore and everything goes my way. I don’t tolerate people who don’t understand this simple concept. This blog has been established since 2003 and we are still going strong. We are still strong as ever even the same policy.

I am a Muslim, very conservative and would like the people to return to the true teaching of Islam. Base on the true teaching of the Holy Quran and Sunnah. There is simply no place for hypocrisy and any racist or keris waving sentiment. I will use all power to stop any attempt of the liberalist movement like Sister in Islam or Progressive Islam in trying to hijack and sub-serve our scarce teaching of our Prophet Muhhamad(PBUH).

We will also try to educate and tell people the truth of Islam instead of falsehood that is trying to be portrayed by Jewish control media. We also monitor the injustice that is being genocide of our fellow brothers in Palestine by the apartheid regime in Tel Aviv. Here is our sister site in our network that deals with this specific issue directly. It is call Israel Watch and we monitor their dubious and evil activity going on around the world.

Also we promote the true Monotheism, which is known as Islam. We never accept any psuedo concept of Monotheism like Trinity. Where one is never one but one is three but three is still three? We strongly oppose any attempt by the Christian Ministry in trying to spread this obvious blasphemy. Which never make any sense to begin with.

This is Prof Ismail Al-Faruqi. He was an expert in Inter Religion study an a specialist in the Abrahamic (Islam, Christianity and Judaism) faith. But that was until we was murder by the ADL(Anti Defamation League) at his home at Philadelphia in 1986. He is my modern inspiration Leader and someone we look at. Here is the site

This is Review for his blog and here is the kukulink in kukuland
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