Tuesday, February 20

The Most horrible Clown of the weekMonth!

The clown of the week! Congratulation!

Who is he?
Encik Radzi Sheikh Ahmad! The Home Ministry of Malaysia!

Why is he a clown?
Because he believe the people are silly! He believe that the Ministry don't need to fulfill their own promise! He believes it is the people responsibility to be a cow to do what they are to told.

What did they promise?
To give a car and other prize to lucky winner for the new ID(IC) register!
No car, no prize just shut up! We will do what we like with the prize. Our Home Ministry promise are no good but I am in charge here!

What is the moral of the story?
He who hope to win a Myvi(car) should just hope to obtain a Mykad(ID card)!
You Mr. Radzi Sheikh Ahmad are Most Horrible Clown of the week!

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