Wednesday, February 14

Today is Valentine! Lets make Love not War!

Okay, A new day!

It is a new day and since tomorrow(today) is Valentine,I decided to combine this(yesterday) post, with today's valentine post. I'm a biggie with this all for one or two(couple) in one kinda thing. LOL! Anyway I never consider one-line as a post so I had to do the right thing and combined them.

This site is gonna change a bit with hopefully a better concept! It still be kuku in its own way. The concept and theme hasn't been fully developed yet, at the moment maybe some serious stuff will be added until I find a better home(and no kuku in it). I am planning on more(better/serious) site that have nothing to do with this.

Anyway since this is Valentine.... I decided to make peace and not have some useless catfight among us. You know those fight from Liverpool to London or USA to Canada or even Gongkapas to Babylon! welll... It's been fun there, but let us have more fun here! Please be free to comments as "long" or "nonsensical" as you like(no spam or flood please). and I don't really consider one-line as a comment either!

PS: I STILL LOVE YOU!!!! wink,wink,wink

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